Entry #1

And so it begins....

2007-10-22 23:12:04 by Uzilover

Well, I've finally made up my mind to enter the art industry and try to become an animator.

I know it's really late to start but whatever, I'll still give it a 100%.

Just started taking art classes and it's been a lot of fun! Can't believe I would rather take AP courses than art.... stupid stupid me.

anyways, check the art forum and you might see me work :)


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2008-12-02 09:52:28


Uzilover responds:

Advanced Placement.

it's the high school classes that give you college credit since they're at a higher level than the normal student would be in


2010-11-14 08:56:21

User of the day. Congrats.


2010-11-14 14:52:28

Vagina and stuff.